Endocrine Pathology Society

The Endocrine Pathology Society is an international scientific organization dedicated to promoting advancement in the diagnosis and understanding of endocrine disease. The Society’s members are academically oriented pathologists and researchers who strive to integrate anatomically based histopathology with evolving knowledge derived from cellular and molecular biology. The Endocrine Pathology Society is a Companion Society of the U.S. and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP). Endocrine Pathology is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Endocrine Pathology Society.

We welcome you to become a member of the Endocrine Pathology Society to keep abreast of the latest advancements in the field and to network and collaborate with pathology leaders with a passion for Endocrine Pathology.

Endocrine pathology has shaped the history of mankind since the time of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton and the Philistine giant David who fought young David. However, it was late to the list of subspecialties in Pathology. The first appearance of the concept was by James Bloodworth Jr. who, as a Professor at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison focused his career on cardiovascular, renal, and endocrine pathology with a special interest in diabetes. He published the first textbook on the subject of Endocrine Pathology in 1968. In 1982, when asked what she wanted to do in her future career, one of our senior endocrine pathologists, Sylvia Asa said she wanted to be an Endocrine Pathologist. Nathan Kaufman, the executive director of the US-Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP, then known as the International Academy of Pathology (IAP)) asked her what exactly that meant, as there was no such designation. However, she was training with Kalman Kovacs at the time, and since both had started their careers in Endocrinology, they were very clear about the scope and significance of the discipline. In 1989, while in Boston to meet with the publisher of their first joint book, Functional Endocrine Pathology, they convinced the publisher to initiate a journal and Endocrine Pathology was born; the first edition was published in March 1990. Drs. Kovacs and Asa also met with Hubert Wolfe at Tufts University to discuss the initiation of an Endocrine Pathology Companion Society at the USCAP meeting. 

The first meeting of the Endocrine Pathology Society took place in 1990 under the leadership of Dr. Wolfe with the help of Ron DeLellis from Brown University. The Society and the journal thrived; after 5 years of co-editing the journal and bringing it to the recognition with acceptance on PubMed, Drs Kovacs and Asa turned it over to Dr. Ricardo Lloyd. 

Since its first meeting, the goals of the Endocrine Pathology Society have been to disseminate and increase knowledge about pathology of the endocrine system. Regular meetings in association with other organizations or independently are to be held for exchange of information, development of educational programs, and fostering of collaborative studies.


Officers of Endocrine Pathology Society

Current Executive 

President: Dr. Justine Barletta, USA
Vice President: Dr. Ronald R. de Krijger, The Netherlands
Secretary Treasurer: Dr. Rony Ghossein, USA

Past Presidents
2021  Dr. Ozgur Mete,  Canada
2020  Dr. Ozgur Mete,  Canada
2019  Dr. Anthony Gill,  Australia
2018  Dr. Lori Erickson,  USA
2017  Dr. Marco Volante,  Italy
2016  Dr. Yuri Nikiforov,  USA
2015  Dr. Giovanni Tallini,  Italy
2014  Dr. Hironobu Sasano,  Japan
2013  Dr. Thomas J. Giordano,  USA
2012  Dr. George Kontogeorgos,  Greece
2011  Dr. Ronald Ghossein,  USA
2010  Dr. Kennichi Kakudo,  Japan
2009  Dr. Vania Nose,  USA
2008  Dr. Anne Marie McNicol,  UK
2007  Dr. Yogeshwar Dayal,  USA
2006  Dr. Ryohei Katoh,  Japan
2005  Dr. Ashraf Khan,  USA
2004  Dr. Gianni Bussolati,  Italy
2003  Dr. Toshiaki Sano,  Japan
2002  Dr. Arthur Tischler,  USA
2001  Dr. Ricardo V. Lloyd,  USA
2000  Dr. Ronald De Lellis,  USA
1999  Dr. Günter Kloppel,  Germany
1998  Dr. Sylvia L. Asa,  Canada
1997  Dr. Toru Kameya,  Japan
1996  Dr. Virginia A. LiVolsi,  USA
1995  Dr. Philipp U. Heitz,  Swizterland
1994  Dr. Robert Y. Osamura,  Japan
1993  Dr. Kalman Kovacs,  Canada
1992  Dr. Hubert Wolfe,  USA